13 October, 2018

Exponential Thinking and Disruptive Innovations

Presented on Saturday, 13 October 2018 at 10:30 EEST by Dr. Mohammad Fayez Al Bataineh, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Telecommunications Engineering Department at the Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan

Our generation is extremely lucky as we have witnessed the mobile telephony, the internet and how they have dramatically impacted and disrupted our way of life to a large extent. The Digital Revolution has disrupted the way we watch TV and take photos and videos. In the coming few years we are going to witness an explosion in the number of innovations as new innovators start to upload their products and services, and begin their new businesses online.

This webinar is going to focus on the impact of the latter disruptions on our future, and how exponential technologies are going to disrupt the way we live our lives and the need to transition our thinking and businesses from linear to exponential.

The webinar offers a very futuristic view that is based on scientific data and facts which should be the concern of every successful person and a leader.