Board of Advisors


Industrialist and Management Consultant, Kuwait

Nora Shawwa

Founder, Rimal Publications, Cyprus

May Al Mudhaf

Country CEO & Head of Wholesale Banking at First Abu Dhabi Bank, Kuwait

Deya’ Leonard Dresner

Founder and Executive Director, Leonard Education Organization, USA


Co-Founder and Trustee, Asfari Foundation, UK and Executive Director, Galilee Foundation, UK

Samah Jabr

Head of Mental Health Unit, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Palestine

Charles F. Yeterian

President, Aviation Sans Frontières – Swiss Chapter Switzerland

Luay Khoury

Chairman and CEO, Arcan Ventures, Bahrain

Imeobong Osakwe

Grant Administrator for Oak Foundation, Switzerland

Raheek Ador

Senior Relationship Manager at V3 Capital Partners, Switzerland


Founder of Creativity & Beyond, UAE

Melek El Nimer

Founder, Unite Lebanon Youth Project, Lebanon

Ayman Hijjawi

Chairman, Hijjawi Foundation, Jordan

Rana Nashashibi

Director-Genaral, Palestinian Counseling Center, Palestine

Lina Lazaar

Vice-President, Kamel Lazaar Foundation, Switzerland