Sondos Testimonial

Sondos Testimonial

The moment I heard about a new mentor offering training for two Little Sisters from the Big Sister/Little Sister Program, I was very excited to get into this experience, which I knew would greatly widen my scope in many fields.

I had the pleasure to know, Roula Clerc-Nassar, the professional, excellent, and empathetic mentor through the one on one coaching I had with her. She has smartly sharpened my thinking and transformed my capabilities to be more specific and straightforward. She unveiled all the ambiguity and uncertainty I had regarding my emergent future. Indeed, she offered me a sustainable leadership model to direct me  for the rest of my life.  

The first session was an orientation to discover what were the most areas in which I needed to develop myself in,  including profession, finances, relationship with family, relationship with friends, health, leisure, personal growth, or physical environment. It was about building a purposeful strategy to work on with Roula.

Through the sessions, I learned how to identify my values, the importance of honoring them, and how to embrace them. Values like respect, recognition, commitment are essential to integrate them into my everyday life. My values give me more confidence on how to behave in life situations. They are the best representation of my highest priorities and most important driving forces in life.    

Moreover, Roula provided me with an insight into my strong points and points to work on. This was followed by setting a plan to overcome the challenges I'm experiencing. Beyond that, she maximized my potential by discussing with her the hardships I had and what to do on the upcoming challenges. 

Roula guided me to best adapt my reality, and how I could deal with boundaries and transform them into opportunities. 

Roula's personality is a mixture of creativity and flexibility whereby  I consider her a role model to follow. She opened a new horizon full of strategic thinking, positivity, and determination for success and happiness. 

Roula let me get deeper into myself and think profoundly about the options I have in my life. She inspired me to have a clear vision during my entire life, and that I should work hard and tirelessly to obtain it. 

Finally, Roula offered me an immense psychological and professional support. She lightened my realization toward enhancing my fulfillment, releasing my internal and external powers and not to forget to enjoy the journey.

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