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An introduction to our small but passionate team from Challenge to Change. Get to know some of the people who make difference many women and could do the same for you:

Dina Bseisu, Founder and CEO

The passionate and inspirational founder of Challenge to Change, based in Geneva, Switzerland, Dina, took it upon herself to found the first Mental Wellness Platform for women from the Middle East. Dina saw the importance of raising awareness about mental wellness as well as creating safe and effective support channels and solutions. She decided to found Challenge to Change on December 2014.

Dina has held a banking career that spans over 25 years with various leading international banks. She earned a BA in Political Science & Economics from Duke University and later on a Masters of Science in Foreign Services from Georgetown University. She is the mother of two young adult children, Omar and Noor.

Dina writes poetry, loves alpine skiing, reading, music, painting, and the outdoors.

Aida Saradar, Administrative Coordinator

Aida is what is known as a member of the Lebanese diaspora. Born in Alexandria, Egypt - returned to Lebanon when she was 16 years old, where she went to school till High School. After which she completed her studies by correspondence. Everything she wanted to do was done by correspondence, thus freeing herself to work and help her parents. She is a self-educated person in all its sense. She is married with two children and widowed in September 2016. She moved to Switzerland, where she joined two international banks. She started from scratch in Citibank then climbed the stairs to become a senior assistant to Private Bankers. After 13 years in that bank, she moved (with Dina Bseisu) to Deutsche Bank.

Aida retired in 2012 and, because of her love of books, has opened what she always dreamt of having: a bookshop in Beirut, Lebanon.

Then the voice from the desert called her again and she followed Dina Bseisu in her Challenge to Change. It was one more challenge that Dina offered Aida to pick up.

Jana Al Mawed, Lebanon Program Coordinator

Jana is a twenty-one-year-old goal-oriented Palestinian woman living in Lebanon. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and minoring in Translation. She is an award-winner of the Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) scholarship to finish her undergraduate studies at AUB, and Joseph Zaarour’s award for Translation in Lebanon. She also works as a Public Relations Assistant and a Resident Assistant at the American University of Beirut. She is results-driven, always looks at the bright side, and is interested in women empowerment and leadership.

Rawan Abu Asad, Social Media Director and Producer

The dynamic and creative young Palestinian lady from Gaza is leading all of C2C’s social media channels from behind the screens to spread the mission of Challenge to Change around the world. Her BSc in Journalism and Media from the Islamic University of Gaza assisted her in kicking off her career. Counting on her talents as a documentary filmmaker, social media, and human rights activist, she joined many international competitions and won awards for her first short documentary film: On the Borders. Moreover, Rawan represents the Middle East in an international fellowship for Leadership in the USA, the Atlas Corps fellowship.

Sondos Al Qutati, Gaza Program Coordinator

An aspiring young Palestinian woman currently in Gaza, Sondos has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the Islamic University of Gaza. After joining the “Middle East Partnership Initiative” in the USA, women empowerment, civic engagement, and cross-cultural understanding have become her passions. She enjoys incorporating these skills into her career.

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