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We are very excited to invite you to Be The Change. By partnering with Challenge To Change, you would be playing a direct role in empowering,
encouraging and supporting women in from the Middle East. Our vision is ambitious, but with your support, we can, together, Be The Change.

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Challenge to Change 2017!

"Big Sister/Little Sister"
Event in Gaza Dec 11th

Challenge To Change
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Dina Bseisu on Raising Awareness
and Challenge 2 Change

بالفيديو.. الأخت الكبرى للأخت الصغرى برنامج لدعم الفتيات الفلسطينيات الأول في غزة

لأول مرة في غزة: إطلاق مشروع الأخت الكبرى للأخت الصغرى


Sondos Testimonial

The moment I heard about a new mentor offering training for two Little Sisters from the Big Sister/Little Sister Program, I was very excited to get into this experience, which I knew would greatly widen my scope in many fields...

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Wlaa Testimonial

When life hits you hard, you lose it all and start thinking that nothing is ever going to be OK again! But when that one silver lining cuts through, it brings life back to you. And that silver lining was my sessions with Roula Clerc-Nassar...

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